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Laurence talking about his dark and light sides… Or something. Laurence and Jon interview.

2:21+ is very educative. 

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sebastianbaestan said: i saw my passion last night in the netherlands for the 2nd time and they're so amazing. i first saw them past june and ever since i'm just in love with the music~ also i met the guys back then and they were incredibly nice and last night I got Jamie's drumstick so i had to get it signed so I met the guys again <3 They are seriously a few of the best huggers out there :3

Awwh, that’s so cool!
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taken by Jon

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Three amazing people in one place&#8230; This is what&#8217;s happening.

Three amazing people in one place… This is what’s happening.

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made me laugh a little :&#8217;)

made me laugh a little :’)

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calling all my passion fans…yes this again…come on guys!


I’m doing my A2 project on music, and how fans connect with bands, using storys and quotes you remember from any tour, any year… no matter how odd or silly it sounds,it just has to be personal to you!

I simply need you to throw your story in my ask box, and if you want a photo in too photo reply…